Turn your goals around!

If you're exhausted by writing 'lose 5 lbs' on your To-Do list (yet again), use this worksheet for a new holistic and mindful approach. 

Let's get started!

Write your answers directly on this page.
You can print it out when you're finished! 

1. Find your WHY

I see huge shifts in my clients and program participants when I encourage them to dig deep and discover the true WHY behind their health and wellness goals.

What is it for you?

  • increased energy,
  • more sound sleep,
  • building flexibility/stability/mobility,
  • practicing balance,
  • being able to lift your kids/grandkids,
  • improving your posture,
  • reducing stiffness, aches and pains,
  • preventing diabetes and high blood pressure,
  • preventing frail bones,
  • improving your digestion, 
  • decreasing mental stress, 
  • feeling confident in your clothes, 
  • ___________________?
Add item

Write out ALL the reasons getting fit is important to you:

Are there even more or do you want to go into more detail? Write here: 

Keep this list somewhere you can see it as a daily reminder!

2. Take an action towards how you want to FEEL

If the number goals (lose 5 pounds, have a 29 inch waist, etc.) ARE really important to you, go deeper into the WHY behind that as well.

Ask yourself:

WHY is this important to me?

What will be available to me when I reach this goal?

What will I do differently when I've gotten there?

Would you:

  • Buy yourself a new outfit? 
  • Go to a group yoga class?
  • Book a vacation?
  • Start dating again? 
  • Apply for a new job? 
  • Finally think you look good? 
  • Make a YouTube video for your business? 
  • Take a selfie? 

Once I get there, I will...

3. Choose something you can do TODAY to treat yourself like you're ALREADY there.

I know, I know! This one might feel uncomfortable.

You might want to deprive yourself from the get-go and say, 'but I'm NOT there yet!'

So I'm going to step up on my soap box for this one.

This is where the change in thinking takes place and where you WILL see massive shifts in your life if you follow through.

So listen up:

You've got ONE life to live and the living starts NOW.

Commit to do this today.

Today I am going to:


I'd love to hear what you've committed to! 

Join our group and post in there to let me know OR email me at elyse@elysesparkes.com


To inspired thoughts and actions and healthy, happy living! 

xoxo elyse